Roy Gregory på HIFI + i kommande Issue 189:

"Some speakers do big and there are speakers that do enthusiastic.

Some speakers do presence and others that do startling immediacy.

Then some do seamless and those that do colour.

But the best speakers do enough of everything: go deep enough and loud enough, with enough clarity and musical coherence to actually convince. They let the music step away from the speakers and into the room. They bring the performance to you and you to the performance.

They have always been few and far between and invariably somewhere the wrong side of expensive – until now. All of a sudden, a few genuinely exceptional speakers have hit the market, shattering the glass ceiling that’s restricted affordable speaker performance.

Vienna Acoustics’ Baby Grand is the tip of that wedge, setting the pace and setting the standard. This is one speaker where you need to trust your ears. Hear them doing their thing, and like me, you really won’t believe your eyes – whether you are looking at that slim cabinet or the price ticket hanging from it. Prepare to be surprised – and impressed: very impressed indeed!"