MIT Zpowerbar Expand

MIT Zpowerbar


6 uttag varav en för digitala produkter och en som går rätt igenom.


Nypris 27 000kr

3 mån garanti

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3 900 kr


220-250 Volt Specs:
Multiple patented, parallel tuned filters operating over the widest bandwidth, engineered to remove noise from your AC power line. (Unlike series filters, the Z Powerbar will not limit current or dynamics!).
4 Hospital Grade, audiophile type duplex outlets (grey) with patented Stabilizer circuitry.
1 Hospital Grade duplex outlet (red): to indicate power is always on, or “unswitched”.
Power Factor correction: reduces transmission losses and improves voltage regulation.
Elimination of common mode and differential mode noise. Works on line coupled, field coupled and insertion noise from other components.
Surge and spike protection for noise-free A/V performance and improved service life. 10 amp fuse with reset switch.
Excellent for silent AV power distribution near fluorescent lights and low voltage lighting.
Includes approved power cord and outlets.

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