AVM Ovation A 6.3 Expand

AVM Ovation A 6.3/8.3



Välj mellan transistor(6.3) eller rör (8.3) i försteget!

Integrated Class A/AB high current MOS-FET amplifier

2 x 200/330 W (8/4 Ω)

Bluetooth 4.2

5 Analog & 5 Digital Inputs

Class-A headphone amplifier

Fully balanced & DC coupled input stage

22 kg · Delivered in AVM OVATION flightcase

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142 000 kr



2 x 200 W [8Ω] / 2 x 330 W [4Ω]

Class A/AB high current MOS-FET technology adopted from the OVATION SA 6.2 Stereo Amplifier

20 MOS-FET transistors per channel deliver 180 Ampere max.

Power amp supply with 1000 VA torodial transformer

4 separate power supplies: mains, processor unit, Silent power supply for für input circuit left & right

Consistent dual-mono design eliminates avoids mutual interferences between channels

Analog & true balanced input stages, fully DC-coupled

2 Variable pre-stage outputs (XLR & RCA/Cinch), 1 Fix Line Out (RCA/Cinch)

Speakers A/B (separately switchable) with ultra stable loudspeaker terminals

5 High Level Inputs: 1 x XLR Balanced + 4 x RCA Unbalanced

5 Digital Inputs: 1 x RCA Coax, 2 x TOSLINK Opto, 1 x USB with up to 384kHz/32bit & DSD128 (via USB)

Bluetooth 4.2

Signal-sensitive inputs switches on A 8.3 / A 6.3 with incoming signal (1 x Analog RCA, 1 x Digital Coax, 1 x Digital Opto)

Prepared for optional ARC Module

Home Theater / AV Bypass

2 x Trigger Out (10V)

Tone control incl. parametric loudness & bypass function

Separate Class-A headphone amplifier with 6,3 mm jack

Connector for external IR receiver

Large, blue luminescent graphic display

Comprehensive menu functions  (adjustable input sensitivity, individual input naming and much more)

Includes full aluminium RC 3 remote control

22 kg, Delivered in rugged AVM OVATION flight case

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