Synthesis Roma 96DC Expand

Synthesis Roma 96DC



Det Luigi från Synthesis är mest berömd för är sina 25W i klass A-konstruktioner!

Makalöst ljud för pengarna och en drivförmåga och dynamik som förvånar! Byggd i Italen Nota Bene!!

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29 900 kr


En liten juvel!

96 DC utan DAC:

Analogue Inputs (96DC): 3 Line

Output (96DC):1 Phono (MM/MC high impedance) 1 Rec Out

96 DC + (med DAC)

Analogue inputs (96DC+):2 Line, 1 Phono (MM/MC high impedance)

Digital inputs (96DC+): 1 Optical Toslink, 1 S/PDIF coaxial, 1 USB “B” type Windows / Mac / iOs / Android compatible

Output (96DC+): 1 Rec Out 

Max Resol. (96DC+): 24Bit 192KHz (Optical) 32Bit 384KHz (USB) DSD up to 5,6 Mhz (USB) 

D/A converter:  Asahi Kasei AK4495S 32Bit 768KHz 

Power consumption: 180W max 

Dimensions: (w,d,h)  260x380x200mm 

Weight: 18 kg

Power tubes (each ch): 2 X EL34/6CA7
Tube driver (each ch): Input:1 X 12AU7/ECC82 

Input:OP/Amp NJM2114

Output power (each ch): 25W A Class into 6ohm 

Frequency response 20Hz to 20KHz - 0dB 

Power stage config. Pentode configuration

Input impedance (line): 50 Kohm

Sensitivity: 300mV for max power

Distortion:  < 1% 25W 1KHz

Signal/Noise ratio: >90dB (A-weight)

RIAA stage Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz +- 0,5dB 

Gain MM: 40dB

Input impedance: 47Kohm 

These things of beauty are not arrived at by accident, all of thier flowing features are bound by the one outcome our design. This unique conbination of materials both natural and manmade are brought together not just as a product, but as something to be treasured. This interpretation of hand crafted disign is achieved in a way only the Italians sense of flair and taste knows how to give. Our technology is designed to innovate and yet be simplicity to use. Built for the World with a spirit Made in Italy. Shapes, materials, finishes, thechnologies, all joined by a constant thought: design and sound that enriched your quality of life..

Synthesis is set to release a new 25W A class integrated stereo amplifier ROMA96DC.

The sound is complete, airy, dynamic, lively, and incredibly musical. The purity of human voices and accuracy of instruments is breathtaking. Resolution, transparency and detailed sound are above and beyond that which one would expect from an amplifier. The Roma 96DC+ has USB “B” type, DSD 5,6MHz ,optical input and S/PDif. 32Bit resolution gives you a fantastic sound stage and beautiful sound reproduction. The Phono Stage combines exceptional sound quality and unique features.

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