Synthesis Soprano Expand

Synthesis Soprano



2x12W push-pull med EL 84

Specialtillverkad utgångstransformator

24/192 DAC

Digitala in: Coax, Optisk och USB B

Analog in: RCA + RCA Phonostage MM

Brutto 15 900kr

Mer detaljer

15 900 kr


DAC on board 24bit for a extraordinary listening experience from computer’s file.

Phono stage
Hi quality Phono stage for MM cartridges.

-SPDIF inputs (Coax and Optical)
Built around a AKM chip. 24 Bit 192KHz Hi Quality DAC for an extraordinary sound result.

The Output transformer uses a Hi-Grade iron-Silicon for superb frequency reproduction & width. With this newly designed custom output transformer unique to the Soprano we are able to achieving a highly delicate & precise sound reproduction faithful to the original recording.

The power supply & output transformers are held by an extremely rigid structure that keeps the unit free from unwanted vibrations which further helps reduce unwanted noise to the tubes.

Gold plated professional binding posts for a continued oxidization free connection further improve sound refinement.

Ceramic sockets for a continued oxidization free connection further improve sound refinement.

- Components

Components for the amplifier have been selected with great care throughout. Only the best available components are considered & all must undergo an exhaustive analysis of their sonic influence prior to final selection.

All tubes used are selected after 2 stage warm up. A fully computer monitored machine controls the process & at the end of this, selects the perfect tubes which are then matched for a perfect balance.

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