Burmester 032 Expand

Burmester 032 Integrated Amplifier


139 900 kr


Utdrag ur test: 

The 032 is many things. It’s big, pricey and has an appearance that will split opinion. It’s also fabulously well made and sounds as good as any amplifier we’ve heard near this money, including pre/power alternatives.

If you have an appropriately talented system take this one seriously. You’ll be pleased you did.

Test i What Hifi 2015, läs en hundraprocentigt 5-stjärnig test här!

» Tekniske data

Dimensions (WxHxD): 482 mm x 216 mm x 482 mm
Weight: app. 36 kg
Rated power output: Stereo: 2 x 171 W (4Ω)
Continuous peak current: 30 A
Dampingfactor: >1800
Signal-to-noise ratio: >81 dB

The integrated amplifier 032 descends from the internationally awarded family of the Burmester power amps 909, 911 MK3, 956 MK2 and 036. Like all Burmester amplifiers, the 032 is fully balanced and completely DC-coupled.

The characteristic Burmester heat sinks have been retained for the 032 as well. The chrome-plated control unit is embedded into the front of the heat sink. The midsection, milled out of a massive piece of brass, encloses the display circuit board and thus shields the sensitive amplifier electronic effectively from any interferences resulting from the display. The solid rotary knob synchronises the volume of both channels via incremental control, which is far superior to conventional potentiometers. This effort is crucial for the sound quality of the 032.

the 032 is effortlessly capable of driving loudspeakers with low impedance and complex loads. For the integration in home theatre systems, the 032 offers a home theater through-put circuit which bypasses the preamp-section and routes signals directly to the power amp.

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