Burmester 035 Expand

Burmester 035 Preamplifier


79 900 kr



3 balanced XLR inputs
2 unbalanced inputs
1 balanced home theater thruput

1 balanced XLR output
1 unbalanced output
1 unbalanced tape output

Headphones jack (on the back panel)

Dimensions (WxHxD)
483mm x 95mm x 340mm (without plugs)
Weight approx. 6.7 kg

The Classic Line Pre Amplifier 035 associates warm and natural musicality with a simple and user-friendly handling.

Its clear, aesthetic appearance and plain elegance characterise this pre amp of the Classic Line. Primary goal of the development was to realise the tonal attributes of the 035’s paragons from our Reference Line and Top Line, regarded as measure for all pre amplifiers worldwide, without compromise. The Burmester-own X-Amp stages are part of the 035’s standard equipment. They operate fully balanced, most widely in class-A and are completely DC-coupled. 

The elaborate volume control is generated by a R-2R-network, having the same impedance at all volume stages, and guarantees an extremely synchronised ganging up to the lowest volume, unequalled by conventional potentiometers. This is optimally realised by encapsulated reed relays with gold contacts. The tone control for bass and treble can be bridged completely without the slightest loss of sound. 

Today’s signal sources such as CD players require extremely quick signal processing. A power supply must meet these requirements at all times and needs to be appropriately dimensioned. The elaborate power supply of the pre amp 035 guarantees a warm sound, rich in detail and retains it even with dynamic music passages. The total architecture of the 035’s circuitry accommodates the development to more complex systems including home theater solutions: a surround processor can be easily connected by a surround loop. All functions of the 035 can be controlled through the BurLink system.

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