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Accuphase C-2150



Balanserat försteg, plats för insticksmoduler

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94 000 kr


  • Logic-control signal switching relays for shortest signal paths

  • Five line level and two balanced inputs

  • Line input and output connectors for a recorder

  • EXT PRE function allows use of external pre- amplifier

  • Individual phase setting for each input

  • Stereo signal can be switched to monophonic


  • Instrumentation amplifier principle for input buffer

  • AAVA also adjusts left / right channel balance

  • AAVA circuitry uses thin-film resistors to min-

Balanced input and output connectors

Line input and output connectors

imize thermal fluctuations and current noise
■ Convenient attenuator is useful for example when operating an analog record player

■ Loudness compensator enhances low end presence

  • Tone controls using summing active filters

  • Dedicated headphone amplifier using ANCC

    for optimum sound quality

  • Maximum gain can be set to 12 dB, 18 dB, or 24 dB

  • Separate power supplies for left and right channels prevent mutual interference

  • On / off switching capability for level / frequency display

  • Champagne-gold front panel and high-gloss side panels

  • Two option board installation slots

  • DAC input selector button for use when digital

    input board (DAC-50 or DAC-40) is installed

  • Numeric indication of digital signal sampling frequency (when DAC-50 or DAC-40) is in- stalled)

Vikt 17 KG

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