Burmester 088 Preamplifier Expand

Burmester 088 Preamplifier


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183 000 kr


Tekniske data

· 5 x balanced (unbalanced via adapter)
· 1 x Surround Thruput
· 1 x Module
o LINE (unbalanced) (standard)
o Phono MM2 (optional)
o Phono MC3 (optional)
o DAC Module (RCA + USB) (optional)
· 1 x balanced (MAIN OUT)
· 1 x balanced (TAPE)
· 1 x headphone jack
Remote IN/OUT for remote controling of other BURMESTERdevices
BurLink for external controling via RS-323 and USB
Width/ Height / Depth 482 mm/ 95 mm/ 345mm
Weight: appr. 9,5 kg

The 088 Preamplifier combines a considerable amount of technical finesse from the Reference Line, with the consolidated construction of the Top Line models. It benefits from distinguished developments that have already leveraged the Reference Line 077 Preamplifier to its extraordinary sound characteristics. With a perfect mergence of sound and design in combination with easy and intuitive controlling, the 088 guarantees sensuous and light-hearted listening pleasure.

Due to an innovative circuit-concept, it is possible to use the longevity of wear-free semiconductor-switches without the usual negative influence on the sound. The well-proven volume control from the Reference Line 077 Preamplifier results in an excellent resolution of volume in the 088, as well. The phase shift allows flexible connections and easy combination with other devices with differing PIN-configuration of the XLR-plugs.

For an individual configuration, the 088 provides a module slot for an optional Phono MC3 or MM2 module, or D/A converter. When no optional module is ordered, the 088 is equipped with a Line module as standard, and therefore has an additional unbalanced high level input. 

All inputs may be named individually. The coding via remote control is facilitated by an intelligent assignment assistance. The established dual-mono assembly has been brought to perfection and minimizes effects caused by crosstalk between the channels. The multi-layer assembly of the circuit boards minimizes negative effects caused by crosstalk on the inputs.

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