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Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition

Vienna Acoustics


Inbytt ett par svarta Beethoven Baby Grand SE helt i nyskick!

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32 000 kr


Från 1 061 kr per månad.
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Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition

Viennas Beethoven baby i SE-version får The Absolute Sounds Editors Choice 2016!

Detta är en av butikens mest sålda högtalare, kom in och lyssna så förstår du varför!!

Ny test sept -17 från välrenommerade Australiska och deras Nic Tatham:

Superrecension av baby Grand i

"The Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grands are perfect quality floorstanders for a typical living room and sound every bit as sumptuous as they look."

Sicken go test i Stereophile:

Stereophile hyllar Baby Grand!

its lively but always natural-sounding balance kept me listening to recordings long after I'd planned to move on to others. The Beethoven Baby Grand's up-front but not overripe nature may not suit everyone, but for some, it will certainly be love at first listen.

Och i The Absolute Sound: 

The Absolute Sound hyllar Baby Grand!

 Baby Grand Symphony Edition loudspeaker offers a lot for its frankly not unreasonable asking price. Indeed (yes, I’m writing this with a straight face) this is one of the highest-value audio components I’ve yet encountered. Gut gemacht!

This 3-way design represents the heart and soul of the Concert Grand range. Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition, like the instrument that shares its name, allows for epic concert hall performances to take place in the comfort of listening rooms of average dimension.

Dynamic, open and highly musical, this 3-way design features our patented  dual 6” X3P Spider-Cone™ woofers, a single 6” X3P midrange driver and an 1” hand coated Neodymium Silk Dome tweeter.

Since Vienna Acoustics' birth in 1989, we have consistently maintained that the first priority of all of our designs rests in driver development.
Founded in this belief, Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition was the first model to take advantage of this carefully designed, ground up neodymium magnet structure tweeter, carefully manufactured by the highend specialists of ScanSpeak.

The remarkably natural and transparent midrange and tweeter drivers, coupled with two bass units, produce an outstanding balance, a homogeneity, integrating finest heights to real slam base. And that balance extends to its industrial design, where the proportions are perfectly rendered, the robust front and rear baffles balancing out the extra depth of the cabinet to confer a sense of substance and style that are far more than skin deep.

A dedicated crossover, designed with increased simplicity, is also the implementation of even better sounding components while maintaining our requisite tighter than 1% tolerance components.

Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition features an high grade aluminium base-kit with counter-nut spikes, for maximal stability and sound fine-tuning, resulting in great overall dynamic range.

The veneers are as always, hand selected by us in Vienna. The true piano lacquers are only the highest quality available while adhering to the most stringent environmental standards of Western Europe.
Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency response 30Hz – 22kHz
Sensitivity 90 dB
Recommended Amplifier 40 – 250 Watts
Tweeter 1.1” Hand Coated/ Neodymium, VA Silk Dome
Midrange (1) 6” X3P
Woofers (2) 6” X3P Spider-Cone™
Bass System Bass Reflex
Bass Function Impulse Optimizing QB 3 (Quasi-Butterworth)
Crossover System MKP Capacitor 1%
Tolerance Coils 0.7% tol., Air Coils
Metal Film Resistors 1% Inductance Free
Weight per Pair 120lbs/55.5kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 8.5” x 40” 14.75” with
base assembly Dim. (W x H x D) mm    216mm x 1016mm x 375mm
Finishes  Cherry, Premium Rosewood, Piano Black and Piano White

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