Burmester S8 Subwoofer Expand

Burmester S8 Subwoofer

Burmester Burmester


159 000 kr


Dimensions (WxHxD): 523 mm x 460 mm x 500 mm

Weight:  app. 60 Kg
Power rating: 2000 Watt

Sensitivity (2,83V):adjustable

Output range (+/-3dB):5Hz-400Hz

Crossover frequencies:adjustable

Slew rate: 24 dB with Butterworth characteristic

24 dB with Butterworth characteristic

The active subwoofer S8 presents the ideal supplement for all other Burmester loudspeakers.

It is perfectly suited for the low-frequented extension of existing high-end systems, as well as for all home theatre systems. The S8 is equipped with two laterally radiating woofers with ultra long cone throw, which are driven by two 1000W power amps. Despite the consolidated dimensions, the S8 is able to reproduce even lowest frequencies with ease.

The cabinet is made from ultra-stiff, low-vibration MDF board of 35 mm thickness. In addition to that, like all Burmester loudspeakers the S8 is furnished with felt-like damping mats on the inside of the speaker cabinet walls in order to minimize reflections within the cabinet. Thus, the subwoofer retains his amenities up to the highest levels.

All parameters of the integrated active crossover can be remote-controlled. If desired, the crossover can be bridged or even several S8 may be aligned to a tremendous subwoofer-combination.

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