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QLN Prestige One



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Impedans: 8 ohms

Amplifier requirements: 25-250 Watt RMS

Sensitivity: 87 dB SPL 1 Watt 1m

Low frequency performance: -3dB 48Hz

Cabinet: Simplified 22mm Qboard®

Terminal: WBT Single wire

Dimensions (HxWxD): 320x210x260

Weight: 12,0 kg each

Finish: Walnut Piano, Walnut matt, White satin


The drivers have been specifically selected and custom developed by industry renowned Danish driver manufacturer Scan-Speak and offers the latest in driver technology.

The unique coated Kevlar mid/bass driver with its built-in copper ring in the magnet system offers a symmetric drive and higher dynamics in the midrange concurrently suppressing intermodulation distortion and resulting in industry leading high-end voice handling and an astonishing micro/macro dynamics unheard in a compact 2-way speaker design.

The 25mm wide surround tweeter offers a superb vocal presentation and excellent imaging in a wide listening area. Its large roll surround, built-in copper ring and textile dome diaphragm provides a flat frequency response above 30 KHz with an outstanding off-axis dispersion. A large rear acoustic chamber gives low compression and lower the tweeters system resonance far below the crossover point.

The cabinet is very small to house a 7” woofer. It’s tuned to naturally roll-off without any ringing in step response. The cabinet is made of 22mm thick HDF-board with our proprietary internal damping to minimise cabinet resonances. Organic wool is used for internal acoustic damping.

Crossover is hardwired with Mundorf capacitors and baked air coils to avoid any internal component and filter resonances. The result is perfect timing within the crossover and throughout the entire frequency range.

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