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Tekniska specifikationer:

- Golvhögtalare
- 3-way floor speaker bass reflex
- Frequency range: 18 - 52000 Hz
- Sensitivity: 93 dB
- Recommended power: 30-500 Watt
- Impedance: 4 - 8 Ohm
- Crossover frequency: 230 Hz, 3.200 Hz
- 1 x 25mm tweeter (1").
- 1 x 170 mm midrange  
- 2 x 200mm woofers (8").
- Bi-wiring

(H x W x D) 
292 x 1245 x 450 mm
(480mm ink terminal)

Vikt: 48,8 kg styck

Modern technology, legendary AlNiCo magnetic material and laser-assisted measurements combine tried and tested components with new and virtually forgotten elements in one harmonious unit. Impressive dimensions, exquisite workmanship and a unique sound are characteristic features of "The New Statement". HECO´s flagship model has further enhanced the successful basic concept of its predecessor. It has given rise to numerous improvements, for example, in terms of dynamic response and the transparency of the sound pattern. Particular attention was paid here to the development of the speaker chassis, as it is critical to the overall sound. The midrange driver has been set in an open, aperiodically damped housing, which ensures an enhanced degree of spatiality for the sound pattern. The midrange chassis is also equipped with an AlNiCo magnet. This magnetic drive, which is extreme in every aspect, guarantees a wonderful, natural and precise reproduction of the midrange frequencies. 

Perfect interaction between the individual chassis

Two 200 mm long-throw woofers operate in the low frequency range below 200 Hz. Kraft paper has also been used here as the material for the cone. An inverted kraft paper dust cap provides the woofer chassis with additional rigidity. A long-throw rubber surround and the symmetrical double-ferrite drive enable the chassis to reproduce extremely low frequencies with high dynamics and precision. The treble range is handled by a selected High Energy Tweeter. Thanks to its 30 mm dimensions, its oversized mount, a special geometry and weight distribution of the moving mass, its entire surface is used to generate sounds in the lower frequency range. Only a defined portion of the low-mass polyfibre compound dome operates in the highest frequency range. Copper caps in the drive reduce distortion factors and the tweeter flange, with its short horn function, reduces sound-impairing edge reflections and harmonises the acoustic transition to the midrange. 

German cutting edge technology in every detail

The terminal area with its large gold-plated terminals is not only suitable for tri-wiring or tri-amping configurations, as it also offers a range of customisation options. An important feature is the completely redeveloped crossover with impedance linearisation function, which has been elaborately designed for "The New Statement" and equipped with closely toleranced components, such as MKP capacitors and MOX resistors. To ensure the speaker has optimum protection from vibrations it is accommodated on solid metal spikes and a base plate with an absorbent damping element. The housing of "The New Statement" consists of MDF panels with elaborate internal bracing. The front grille is secured in place with a number of small, integrated high-performance neodymium magnets. Despite bearing "new" in its name, "The New Statement" is a synthesis of both proven and entirely new technologies, and is a tribute to the experience gained in the speaker construction industry!

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