AVM Ovation CS 8.2 Expand

AVM Ovation CS 8.3



Tillsätt endast högtalare. Förstegsdel med dubbeltriod och 2x500W i effektdelen...

X-STREAM HiRes Engine

Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify® Connect, Roon Ready, TIDAL(high resolution), QOBUZ, UPnP, Webradio · Multiroom & Party Sync Mode · HiFi Bluetooth · Quad DAC 384kHz/32bit · DSD128 · Slot-In Pure CD Drive · Class-A headphone amplifier · Convenient control via RC X App for iOS & Android

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164 000 kr


Framtidssäker! DAC:arna i CS 8.3 är moduluppbyggda och gjorda för att enkelt bytas om/när högre upplösning och fler möjligheter dyker upp på marknaden!

Tillsätt bara högtalare... En fantastisk maskin. Allt i ett men av superb kvalitet. Och den har både app och en begriplig fjärr. Drivförmågan? Se bild...

Här smälter en styck "husfrid" in hur fint som helst, i detta rum med ett par potenta välljudande högtalare i form av Piega 711 på alla hjärtans dag.

Nya baksidan på 8.3 innebär bättre högtalarkontakter bl a

Both the CS 8.3 and the CS 6.3 unify the award winning technologies of the AVM OVATION Line into a high performance All-in-One Audiophile Masterpiece. Also in respect of connectivity, the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 offer a complete selection: All common streaming formats are supported and a CD mechanism based on the exclusive TEAC drive for AVM are on board. Furthermore, a large selection of analogue and digital connections is available.

Both the CS 6.3 and the CS 8.3 are close relatives and only differ in their remarkable power amps: In the CS 6.3 we focus on prestigious solid state technology in all amplifier stages, while the OVATION Tube Line Stage of the CS 8.3 creates a unique warm and natural sound reproduction. All details are being reproduced in an unheard neutrality and spaciousness. Relaxed and joyous listening sessions are our goal and both the CS 6.3 & 8.3 make this a reality with ease. All this is possible with all kind of selected music. The extremely powerful amplifiers  deliver up to 500 Watt per channel. All speakers in the market can be driven with ease overall volume levels.

In the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3, the modular design principle of the OVATION Line premieres in an All-in-One unit. I.e. the DAC is designed as an exchangeable module. Already today this Quad-DAC may process digital signals up to 384kHz/32bit and also DSD formats are being transformed into analogue music signals which are a perfect recreation of the original. The formats to store digital music is going to rapid advancements. In case, future formats with higher resolutions require new DACs, the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 are prepared for this as the DAC module will be hardware upgradeable

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