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Accuphase C-2450



Försteg byggt som dual mono inkl nätdelarna

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137 900 kr


  • Logic-controlled relays for signal switching assure high sound quality and long-term reliability

  • Total of 10 inputs and 5 outputs
    Thanks to a versatile complement of input and outputs, the C-2450 is ready for any program source combination.

  • EXT PRE function allows use of external preamplifier
    Setting the OUTPUT selector to the EXT PRE position allows the use of an external preamplifier or other component without having to change system connections.

  • Selectable preamp gain
    Overall gain can be set to 12 dB, 18 dB, or 24 dB.

  • Eliminate phase differences in balanced connections
    The PHASE button makes it easy to compensate for differences in absolute phase of any input or output component connected via a balanced link.

  • Independent phase selection for each input positionThe phase can be set and memorized separately for each input and recorder selector position.

  • On/off switching capability for level display

  • Subsonic filter removes ultra low frequency noise

  • Loudness compensator function offsets the characteristics of human hearing

  • Tone controls using summing active filters for optimum sound quality

  • Dedicated headphone amplifier optimized for sound quality

  • Elegant side panels with natural wood grain finish

  • Thick aluminum top plate with exquisite

    hairline finish

Option: Dedicated add-on

Phono Equalizer Unit

Analog records can be reproduced by installing the dedicated phono equalizer unit AD-2850 in a rear-panel slot.
The AD-2850 features separate input circuitry for MC and MM cartridg- es to ensure optimum matching and realize outstanding S/N ratio. The built-in differential RIAA equalizer circuit is designed to provide super accurate RIAA equalization characteristics. The printed circuit boards are made from glass cloth fluorocarbon resin and housed in a sturdy aluminum enclosure to minimize any kind of external influence.

■ MC Gain:
Input impedance:

■ MM Gain:
Input impedance:

60/70 dB, switchable 10/30/100/300 ohms, switchable

30/40 dB, switchable 47 kilohms

Phono equalizer with separate mono construction for left and right channel

■ Function setting controls on C-2450 front panel

Buttons for subsonic filter, AD gain, MC/MM selection, MC load impedance

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