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Näst finaste försteget från Accuphase. Dual mono, special transformatorer, special kretskort, matchning ...

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Full mono construction

Inside the preamplifier, circuits and components are securely mounted to a sturdy 8 mm thick aluminum frame and kept completely separate for the left and right channels. This reliably prevents unwanted mutual interference, resulting in further improved electrical characteristics and perfectly pure sonic performance.

Ideal left/right power supply configuration

The power supply circuitry not only acts as the energy source of an amplifier, it also has a dramatic influence on its sound. The C-2850 features a newly developed type of high-efficiency toroidal transformer in a cast-aluminum case with thermal dissipation fins. Each channel has its own transformer, along with a pair of custom-made electrolytic filtering capacitors rated for high capacity and excellent sonic properties. This arrangement provides ample power reserves for effortless operation.

Vikt 24,5 KG

Option: Dedicated add-on

Phono Equalizer Unit

Analog records can be reproduced by installing the dedicated phono equalizer unit AD-2850 in a rear-panel slot.
The AD-2850 features separate input circuitry for MC and MM cartridg- es to ensure optimum matching and realize outstanding S/N ratio. The built-in differential RIAA equalizer circuit is designed to provide super accurate RIAA equalization characteristics. The printed circuit boards are made from glass cloth fluorocarbon resin and housed in a sturdy aluminum enclosure to minimize any kind of external influence.

■ MC Gain:
Input impedance:

■ MM Gain:
Input impedance:

60/70 dB, switchable 10/30/100/300 ohms, switchable

30/40 dB, switchable 47 kilohms

Phono equalizer with separate mono construction for left and right channel

■ Function setting controls on C-2450 front panel

Buttons for subsonic filter, AD gain, MC/MM selection, MC load impedance

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