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Powerwave X



Ny och större Powerwave!

10 uttag i fem grupper


2 ethernetuttag


Och som vanligt ett riktigt 100% åskskydd

Ingen som helst dynamikbegränsning

Kommer med 2 meter Performance Powerlink 20 amp

Mer detaljer

68 000 kr


Designed from the Ground Up
to Preserve Dynamics and Quell AC noise

The new Transparent PowerWave X is now in stock and is ready to handle all your power conditioning needs.

PWX has 10 rugged outlets in 5 isolated banks. Two outlets are unswitched for components that need to be left on, and 8 outlets turn off and on with the front panel power switch. All outlets have fail-safe, lightning-fast AC surge protection. Gigabit coax and network surge protection further protects connected components. PWX comes with an upgradeable Transparent Performance Power Cord.

PWX has superior parallel noise filtration and power factor control technology to insure quiet, unrestricted power transfer. In addition, star grounding for each outlet bank further reduces EMI noise. The massive PowerWave X chassis is 3 rack-mount spaces high and is constructed of heavy interlocking extruded aluminum panels. Although far more costly than steel to manufacture, extruded aluminum is less mechanically resonant and is non-magnetic. A dense pod of flexible epoxy resin encapsulates filtration and surge protection circuits to reduce resonance further.

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