QLN Prestige 1 Expand

QLN Prestige One



Minsta högtalaren i Prestige-familjen från QLN

Du får mycket av magin från Prestige Three i ett lite mindre format och lättare prislapp.

Låter inte som en Signatur från 80 och 90-tal formen till trots. Magisk, rösthantering, pigg, kraftfull bas och man sitter inte och "lyssnar" på någon diskant som hela tiden "hörs"...

Makalöst homogen - ändå en nerv och glädje i utförandet!

Stativ tillkommer.

Mer detaljer

68 000 kr


Impedance: 8 ohms
Amplifier requirements: 25-250 Watt RMS
Tweeter: 25mm wide surround, AirCirc magnet, soft dome
Woofer: 177mm Kevlar® cone
Sensitivity: 87,5 dB SPL 1 Watt 1m
Low frequency performance: -3dB 42Hz
Cabinet: Qboard® Technology
Terminal: WBT Single wire
Dimensions (HxWxD): 390x265x272
Weight: 14,0 kg each
Finish: Walnut Piano, Walnut matt, White satin

The Qln Prestige One is a reference caliber monitor commensurate with the performance level of the award-winning Prestige series. In keeping with Qln’s truncated cabinet design, the Prestige One features the same minimal baffle area, time alignment, and dampening technology found in the Signature 3 with even greater optimization establishing a new performance benchmark.


We utilize the same constant impedance crossover technology found in the rest of the Prestige series with fine tuning for the compact two-way design of the Prestige One. We have increased dynamics and even SPL by using lower loss coils to the woofer. All coils are air core, and all capacitors are of polypropylene material.

All coils are baked so the wires are glued together to reduce internal vibration.

The constant impedance crossover produces an even impedance response that eases the load an amplifier sees (especially tube amps) providing better phase coherence for the driver. The crossover is hard wired for best contact between components with as few contact points as possible. Every component is soft glued to increase damping and minimize vibrations.

Speaker connectors

Top grade WBT Nextgen® connectors with minimal connection materials made of silver/copper are used to ensure the lowest distortion and signal loss possible. Normally we only using pure copper material. The reason for using silver plated connectors instead of pure copper is that while silver also oxidizes it provides a purer long term connection surface. And while the commonly used gold-plated surface is good for a non-oxidizing it is not best for sound quality.

The bass/midrange and treble drivers have been specifically selected and custom developed by industry renowned Danish driver manufacturer Scan Speak offering the latest in 21st century advanced driver technology. The uniquely coated Kevlar bass/midrange driver with its built-in copper ring in the magnet system offers symmetric drive and higher midrange dynamics while also suppressing intermodulation distortion. The result is remarkable vocal reproduction and astonishing micro/macro dynamics from a compact 2-way speaker design. The unique Illuminator tweeter also offers excellent imaging at all listening positions. Its large roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provides a flat frequency response above 30 KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion. The unique AirCirc magnet system and its rear chamber further reduce reflections and resonances.

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