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Innuos Phoenix Net



Digitalswitch per excellence, tar ned störningsnivån i de höga frekvenserna

Reklocker med en state of the art klocka från Innuos flaggskepp Statement

Separata strömförsörjningar internt (high end-strömförsörjning redan installerad, inget behov av extra dosor)

Vibrationsdämpad, internt och utifrån 

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28 950 kr


  • Minimize Network Switch Noise – Reduces high-frequency noise through a simpler 100Mbps network switch chip with no power switching regulators. Connected through high-end Isolation Transformers to individual Amphenol RJ45 shielded jacks with no LEDs and complemented with EMI treatment to further prevent noise
    into the circuit.
  • Increase Clocking Precision and Stability – A 3ppb 25MHz OCXO oscillator, as used in our flagship STATEMENT, individually powered by its own linear power supply and connected directly to the network switch chip.

  • Provide Pristine Power to the Components – Two independent STATEMENT-grade linear power supplies designed by Sean Jacobs with CX modules and Mundorf Caps to individually power the OCXO clock and the mainboard, keeping the power path short with less opportunity for EMI contamination.

  • Minimize Vibration on Components – Vibration managed using custom-designed CNC machined aluminium feet with an internal compound tuned to the resonant frequency of the chassis. The top cover is treated to
    convert vibration into small amounts of heat and sturdy RJ45 ports use silicone rings to minimize vibration coming from the chassis.

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