A-S TA 7000 Expand

A-S TA 7000

Acoustic Signature


Näst finaste tonarmen från Acoustic Signature. Lager från Timken, tillverkas av samma tekniker som gör TA 9000 

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126 900 kr



Our Top of the line tone arm TA-9000 was a real Game changer to the industry. The used technology really brought analog reproduction to the next level. So we took the technology of the TA-9000 and put it into a more affordable design, trying very hard to keep the performance level very close to the TA-9000. The results are an innovative tone arm tube and highly precise, minimal preloaded ball bearings for the vertical and horizontal axles are also part of the new TA-7000. This parts guarantee that the TA-7000 follows the pickup demands, guiding it perfectly and ensures reading every groove on a vinyl record precisely not more but even more important not less.

The arm tube of the TA-7000 consists of a super rigid Carbon tube with conical shape. Internally bonded with an Epoxy coat. And inside the Carbon tube we use a multi structure printed insert that gives additional stability but mainly it gives the exact right amount of damping to the hard Carbon tube. The result is a nearly perfect arm tube. Light weight, super rigid but with the exact amount of internal damping to absorb the energy the cartridge sends into the arm. The tubes are bound together tightly by a flexible glue increasing the frequency absorption.

To sum it up, this is another unprecedented arm tube. Perfect for every pickup. Perfect for our top of the line tone arms like the TA-7000. A tone arm should guide the needle flawlessly or Jitter and not create any friction – neither horizontally nor vertically. At best, it should not present any bearing clearance or friction.

With the experience made and the knowledge gained in designing the TA-9000 we use this knowledge for the TA-7000 also. The ball bearing for horizontal and vertical movement sourced from the US bearing specialist Timken. Timken, in fact, manufactures the ultra-precise bearings for astronautics. We select ours one by one. Of what is delivered, only the best will make it into the TA-7000. These bearings are then meticulously adjusted and incorporated always from the same experienced craftsman. We provide both bearings with a little bit of prestress that eliminates clearance and nevertheless maintains extremely low friction. The internal cabling consists of a continuous pure silver cable that leads from the pickup pins to the 5 pin connecter positioned in the arm shaft. The counter weight is manufactured in brass. The TA-7000 is available in 9 and 12 inch length. The TA-7000 is designed to be a medium heavy tonearm to suit most of the cartridges available on the market.

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