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A-S Novum

Acoustic Signature


Novum tar dig in i finspelarnas lite tyngre värld. 3 motorer, tallrik med 24 silencers, två armar kan monteras och extern motorstyrning följer med liksom två armfästen.

Priser på tonarm till denna är för12"

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227 000 kr



The NOVUM represents an entirely and fundamentally new way of looking at turntable design. We left no stone unturned to create a stunningly beautiful looking table capable of enormous sonic performance. The NOVUM is manufactured with our new revolutionary 24-Silencer-platter design, one of the most significant features and improvements in our turntable designs. The platter is driven by 3 integrated hidden motors which drive a heavy sub platter.

The NOVUM is designed and built for exceptional music reproduction. Our 50 mm thick solid turntable platter is made of aluminum with a total of 24 ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE-Silencer inserts. The platter is fabricated from a very soft alloy to optimize its periodic resonance and is coated on the lower face with resonant-damping material. The Silencer-Platter development target was clearly defined; total elimination of any resonance or vibration due to introduction of airborne or coupled acoustic energy. 

We at ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE believe that the motor system for a turntable should have enough force and inertial energy to obtain proper platter speed but not influence it during rotation. We reached that goal by using 3 European made synchronous motor with our own „State of the Art“-motor controller. The motors sit beside a cone-shaped sub-platter propelled by this 3-motor drive system. The 3 internal drive motors run by their own electronic controller. It is a brand new design where fully digital output stages and quartz locked technology is employed.

Our Tidorfolon-bearing is a hand-tuned slide bearing that is been perfectly developed to guide the platter with approximately no clearance and likewise no friction or sound. It is always manufactured with great love for detail and precision in accordance with the best fine mechanical tradition.


Drive Unit

3 synchron motor, electronically regulated, power-decoupled, adjustable


highly precise roller burnished Tidorfolon-bearing


resonance-optimised mass chassis with 3 adjustable feet, very soft alloy for low resonance


high precision plate made of aluminum, 5 cm thick, 15 kg with 24 Silencer modules double isolated

Speed Range

33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM

Power Suply

100 to 260V AC


480 mm depth, 670 mm width
ca. 36 kg depending on extras odered



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