Burmester 175 turntable Expand

Burmester 175 turntable

Burmester Burmester


Extrem vinylspelare med inbyggt Burmester phono 100 riaa-steg

Här är phonosteget som är inbyggt:

Burmester 100

Mer detaljer

320 000 kr


The Highlights:

  • Digital motor electronics with high level of efficiency

  • Chassis from a massive aluminium block

  • Multi-layer carbon arm tube

  • Length of pick-up arm: 9 inches

  • Exclusive Burmester MC pickup

  • Needle: Shibata cut

  • Magnetic damper in floor plate for isolation

Plint och tonarm:

The turntable of the 175 record player has a sandwich construction consisting of two layers of aluminium and a further layer of brass in between. This design principle ensures optimal damping and less resultant resonance. The bitumen coating located on the reverse of the platter increases the damping properties even further. The bearing is designed to be maintenance-free for life and therefore always ready for use. The sub-platter with a cone allows easy mounting of the platter and is centered automatically for perfect concentricity.

In addition to the platter, the cardanic mounted 9-inch tone arm with its carbon-aluminium tube intrinsically enhances the 175’s inherently exquisite sound quality. Its bearing in the form of a hybrid bearing of steel and ceramic guarantees the precise delivery of intricate vinyl detail. The anti-skating is gradually adjustable via control knob.


The 175 turntable is driven by four motors located in the outer square around the sub-platter. This squaring of the circle and the

use of multiple belts ensures that no irregular tension arises on the central bearing. The two-fold design of this arrangement shortens the ramp-up time and improves synchronisation. This simultaneously results in an improved sound and a fast starting time for the drive.

Alongside the mechanical system and the arrangement of the drive components, the control electronics and the motors are also crucial
for a great audio experience. The AC synchronous motors used are driven by digital motor electronics. The electronics are completely immune to fluctuations in the mains voltage frequency. Due to the high level of efficiency of the electronics, driver stages and motors, the entire unit remains cool and free from heat-related impairments


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