Exposure MM-modul 3010 Expand

Exposure MM-modul 3010



Moving magnet board till 3010

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3 995 kr



  1. All discrete transistor audio stages
  2. High quality parts used throughout
  3. Tight tolerance parts used for accurate equalisation
  4. Low noise power supply regulators
  5. DC coupled input stage
Can be fitted to :
  • 3010 Integrated Amplifier
  • 3010S Integrated Amplifier
  • 3010S2 Integrated Amplifier
  • 3010S2 Pre Amplifier
  • 3010S2D Integrated Amplifier
  • 3010S2D Pre Amplifier
  • 5010 Pre Amplifier


    • Sensitivity : 5mV (gain 1 links open) or 2.5mV with gain 1 links fitted
    • Input Loading : 47K ohms in parallel with 100pF capacitance (loading links open) or 320pF with loading links fitted
    • Frequency Repsonse : +/- 0.25dB ref 1KHz   30Hz to 20KHz.  With IEC roll off thereafter

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