Burmester 956 mk2 Power Amplifier Expand

Burmester 956 mk2 Power Amplifier

Burmester Burmester


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2x240W i 4 ohm. Ett av de starkaste stegen med järnhård koll på högtalarna utan att ha den minsta vasshet i toppen.

Handbyggt i Berlin med enastående byggkvalitet.  På 14 år har ett (1) slutsteg fallerat.

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Dimensions (WxHxD): 482 mm x 191 mm x 482 mm
Weight: app. 30 kg
Rated power output: Stereo: 2x240 W at 4Ω
Mono: 1x500 W at 4Ω
Continuous peak current: 34 A
Damping factor: >2000


The Burmester stereo power amplifier 956 MK 2 expands our family of internationally high acclaimed power amps 911 MK3 and 909. Like all amplifiers from Burmester the 956 MK2 is, of course, completely balanced and DC-coupled without any distorting capacitors in the signal path.

The transistors of the output stages are placed on the oversized heat sinks that form the sides of the housing. The driver stages, however, are located on a separate internal heat sink. This keeps the wide temperature fluctuations of the heat sinks from shifting the working points of the amplification section. In addition to that, there is a protection circuit outside of the signal path, which monitors the 956 during operation for overheating, DC offset and overdrive.

The use of exclusively premium wiring ensures that the high currents of the power amplifier reaches the massive bindings posts without loss. The result is a sound impression, characterised by a high spatial resolution, warm and melodious sound, completed by a extremely low distortion factor.

Just like most of our units, the 956 has a modular design construction. Older versions can be updated to the current MK2 version.

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